Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar: Who Owns More Subscribers in 2024?


Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar are known names in the streaming industry and have millions of subscribers. But do you know who owns more subscribers in 2024?

If not, don’t worry. This post on Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar, which will have more subscribers in 2024, will help you gain insight into complete information. 

Which Streaming Platform Has More Subscribers: Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar

In the ever-evolving landscape of online streaming, two giants continue to dominate the industry: Netflix and Disney+. As of the first quarter of 2024, both platforms boast impressive subscriber numbers, but the question remains: Who holds the crown in this ongoing battle?

Disney+ Hotstar’s Rise

The number of Disney+ subscribers in the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 149.6 million. Due to price increases for the streaming services in October 2023, this number is declining by 12 million compared to the quarter of the previous year. 

In comparison to Disney+, video streaming giant Netflix added 8.8 million new subscribers in the third quarter of 2023. It added 5.9 million in the three months before that, and now the total number of Netflix subscribers worldwide has reached around 247.2 million.

However, Netflix has yet to succeed in scaling up its business in India even after lowering the subscription costs. Disney+ Hotstar continued to dominate the Asian market with more than 40 million subscribers, while Prime Video had 20 million subscribers.

Netflix’s Global Dominance

Netflix’s slower growth in India is due to a lack of local content. Only 12% of titles that a streaming platform like Netflix offers were local content, while more than 60% of viewers watch on Prime Video are in domestic languages. Beyond subscription revenue, the platform strategically moves to conquer U.S. advertising dollars. 

An Insider Intelligence report projects a remarkable 50.3% surge in Netflix’s U.S. ad revenue, reaching $1 billion. This surge is attributed to ingenious strategies, including price hikes and a crackdown on password-sharing, drawing more viewers towards Netflix’s ad-supported plan. This multifaceted approach underscores Netflix’s adaptability and innovative strategies.

The Content Battle Between Netflix and Disney+

The battle between these streaming giants extends beyond subscriber numbers to their content. Netflix, known for its extensive library, boasts a staggering 2,661 TV shows and 4,460 movies, catering to a diverse global audience. 

In contrast, Disney+ Hotstar opts for quality over quantity, curating a collection of 925 TV shows and 2,051 movies. This divergence in content strategies emphasizes the platforms’ unique approaches to capturing viewer attention while considering regional tastes and preferences.

Revenue Streams and Strategic Maneuvers

Netflix’s U.S. Ad Revenue Surge: A Strategic Triumph

Netflix’s surge in U.S. ad revenue signifies a strategic triumph beyond traditional subscription models. 

The platform’s ability to adapt its revenue streams and capitalize on advertising opportunities showcases a forward-thinking approach in an evolving streaming landscape. As the battle for viewers intensifies, Netflix’s surge in U.S. ad revenue adds a new layer to its multifaceted strategy.

Disney+ Hotstar’s Commercial Growth Trajectory

While Netflix charts new territories, Disney+ Hotstar is not far behind in revenue diversification. The platform is projected to witness a 16.1% rise in revenue from commercials, reaching approximately $912 million in 2024. 

As the year progresses, Disney+ Hotstar is expected to end with about $100 million more ad sales than the previous year. This trajectory underscores the platform’s commitment to maximizing commercial opportunities and diversifying revenue sources.

Navigating the Streaming Landscape

As we delve into the figures and dynamics of Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar revenue strategies, it becomes evident that the streaming landscape is a complex and dynamic arena. Adaptability and content strategies play pivotal roles in determining the success of streaming platforms in this highly competitive space.

Disney+ Hotstar’s resilience in the face of challenges, such as declining subscribers due to price increases, reflects a strategic mindset focused on long-term sustainability. The platform’s ability to weather setbacks and maintain a growth trajectory in ad revenue showcases its resilience and strategic acumen.

On the other hand, Netflix’s strategic move into U.S. ad revenue signals a recognition of evolving viewer preferences and industry trends. By embracing advertising, Netflix not only broadens its revenue streams but also opens up avenues for user engagement and content discovery.


As of 2024, Netflix maintains its lead with a vast global subscriber count. However, Disney+ Hotstar, with its strategic stronghold in the Asian market and innovative approaches to content, emerges as a formidable competitor. The coming months are poised to witness strategic maneuvers, content expansions, and evolving subscriber numbers as these streaming titans continue their quest for the top spot in the dynamic world of online entertainment.

Whether it’s Netflix’s global might or Disney+ Hotstar’s regional dominance, the streaming saga unfolds, providing viewers with an ever-expanding array of choices. Stay tuned for more updates as well as developments in the ongoing Netflix vs. Disney+ Hotstar saga!

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