Photomojis, Voice Moods, and more: Google Messages receives major update


The latest update to Google Messages, the default messaging app on many Android phones, has brought about a substantial transformation. With a revamped user interface, the app now exudes a fresh and vibrant ambiance to enhance your conversations.

Drawing Inspiration: Google Messages vs. iMessage

Notably, the update draws parallels with the widely popular iPhone messaging app, iMessage, offering a reminiscent feel while introducing new features to elevate the overall user experience.

Personalized Photomojis: A Unique Touch to Conversations

According to a report by HT Tech, a notable inclusion in the update is the Photomoji feature, enabling users to extract objects from their photos and transform them into dynamic Photomojis. These personalized reactions can be easily shared within the Google Messages app. In group chats, recipients can also make use of these Photomojis, drawing a parallel to Apple’s live stickers.

Expressive Voice Messages: The Introduction of Voice Moods

Introducing the Voice Moods feature, Google has added a new dimension to voice messages. Users now have the option to enhance their voice notes by choosing from nine different emotions, like laughter or party fever, after recording the message. The recipient gets to experience a visual effect accompanying the selected emotion.

Immersive Screen Effects: Elevating Message Impact

Inspired by iMessage, Google Messages has incorporated Screen Effects, providing immersive and vibrant effects that dominate the entire screen when sending certain messages. For example, entering “I love you” triggers the heart emoji to burst onto the screen, accompanied by a captivating visual effect. With more than 15 trigger words, users have a range of options to elevate their messaging experience.

Customizing Conversations: The Advent of Custom Bubbles

Adding to the array of features is Custom Bubbles, a new customization option allowing users to personalize their conversations by modifying text bubble colors, backgrounds, and more. Google emphasizes moving away from the traditional “blue vs. green bubbles” and encourages users to style their conversations based on their preferences.

Reaction Effects: Enhancing Visual Impact

Another noteworthy inclusion is Reaction Effects, introducing an additional layer of visual impact when reacting to messages with emojis.

Animated Emojis: Playful and Dynamic Messaging

The update wraps up with the introduction of Animated Emojis, enabling users to send live emojis with captivating effects, injecting a playful and dynamic element into their messages. Google Messages’ latest update aims to redefine the messaging experience on Android, providing a myriad of features to make conversations more expressive and engaging.

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Piyush Banerjee
Piyush Banerjee
Piyush Banerjee is an author and a passionate connoisseur of the world of media. With an appetite for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, Piyush's writing delves into Films, Technology, and Global Affairs. Piyush has an innate love for storytelling, and has a fiction novel available on Amazon. He has been interested in Storify News for several years and is excited to make news more accessible and interesting to consume.

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