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Storify 2/ Storify Replacement

The Storify News Times is totally different than Storify. Storify was a platform where user could create stories using social network but Storify news times is news website where contributor contribute latest stories, latest news worldwide, latest articles and posts using backend portal. The Storify News Times is a free news platform which deliver worldwide politics, entertainment, business and tech news, opinions, trump news. UK and USA News.

Storify was a powerful content curation tool but there are other Storify alternatives for bloggers and marketers to use. Best content curation tools.

More specifically, the free service is dead. Its for-pay business service will continue in another way. “While Storify is going away, the service will apparently live on in another form, under the Livefyre umbrella, as Storify 2,” writes Brian Heater for TechCrunch. “The new service will only be available to users who purchase a Livefyre license.”

Storify’s End of Life page has directions for exporting your stories in several formats:

  1. Storify Login – Log in to Storify at
  2. Mouse over the story that contains content you would like to export and select “View.”
  3. Click on the ellipses icon and select “Export.”
  4. Choose your preferred format for download.
  5. To save your content and linked assets in HTML, select – File > Save as > Web Page, Complete.
  6. Repeat the process for each story’s content you want to preserve.

The format you choose to save your stories in will depend on what you will do with them. If you want to replace imported stories on webpages, you may want to export an HTML, XML, or JSON file. Talk to your website developer for help.