The Importance of Biden’s Courtship of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi



The recent state visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States has drawn significant attention, as President Biden seeks to court the Indian leader amid tensions with China and Russia. This visit comes at a crucial time for both countries, as they navigate complex geopolitical dynamics and aim to strengthen their alliance.

In this article, we will explore the significance of Biden’s courtship of Modi, the evolving dynamics between the two nations, and the potential implications for global politics.

A Shifting Dynamic: From Trump to Biden

During the Trump administration, India and the United States enjoyed a rosy dynamic, with both leaders expressing admiration for each other. However, this warmth initially cooled as President Biden assumed office, particularly due to India’s perceived support for Russia, despite international condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, Biden’s courtship of Modi during this state visit holds great importance in repairing and strengthening the bilateral relationship.

Strengthening Alliances: Security and Economic Concerns

President Biden aims to leverage this visit to address a range of security and economic concerns, ultimately bringing India closer to the United States. The discussions between Biden and Modi will touch upon various aspects, including the diversification of supply chains, security collaborations, and economic partnerships. It is expected that deals will be made to manufacture jet-fighter engines in India, enhancing its military capabilities, and the purchase of high-altitude predator drones from the U.S.

India’s Assertive Role on the World Stage

Modi has been vocal about India’s aspirations for a higher, deeper, and wider profile on the global stage. While he emphasizes that India does not seek to supplant any country, he believes that India is gaining its rightful position in the world. India’s growing economic strength, highlighted by its recent ascent to the position of the fifth-largest economy globally, underscores the need for the country to maintain a strong alliance with the United States.

A Counterbalance to China’s Influence

One of the key factors driving Biden’s courtship of Modi is the need for a strong counterbalance to China’s growing influence. Unlike Xi Jinping in China, Modi has remained constructively engaged with the United States, presenting a “golden opportunity” to forge a productive alliance between two dynamic democracies. This partnership has the potential to serve as a counter to China’s corrupting influence, both economically and geopolitically.

The Importance of Economic Exchange

While personal relationships between leaders are crucial, the economic offer of exchange holds even greater significance, particularly in the current global landscape. Biden recognizes the importance of deepening economic, political, and military engagement with India, not only for the United States but also for other democracies. By strengthening economic ties, the United States, along with countries like Japan and Australia, can make a compelling offer to deepen their collaboration with India.

India’s Position in Key Organizations

India’s position within various international organizations adds another layer of complexity to its alliances. On one hand, India is part of the QUAD, which includes the United States, Japan, and Australia, aiming to enhance security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. On the other hand, India is also involved in groups led by China and Russia, such as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. These organizations have economic elements and encourage trade between their members, presenting India with strategic opportunities and challenges.

Trade Partnership: A Strong Foundation

Trade between the United States and India has been steadily growing, reaching a record $191 billion in 2022. Defense sales alone accounted for $20 billion in 2020, highlighting the importance of the growing trade partnership between the two nations. Additionally, the significant Indian diaspora in the United States, numbering nearly 5 million, has become a powerful force in the economic, cultural, and political spheres, further strengthening the ties between the two countries.

Navigating Allegiances: India’s Position on Global Issues

India’s alignment with the United States is not without its complexities. While some criticize India for its soft response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Modi’s government remains firmly in Washington’s camp. Despite occasional disagreements, the relationship between the two countries endures and will continue to evolve beyond the Biden and Modi administrations. India’s unique geopolitical position and its aspiration to be a global voice necessitate strategic decision-making regarding its engagement with various international players.


President Biden’s courtship of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds immense importance for both countries and the broader geopolitical landscape. By strengthening their alliance, the United States and India can address security concerns, deepen economic ties, and counterbalance the influence of China and Russia.

As India assumes a more assertive role on the world stage, its position within key international organizations and its growing economic strength make it a valuable partner for the United States and other democracies. The success of this courtship will shape the future of the U.S.-India relationship and have far-reaching consequences for global politics.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is based on various sources and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the author.

Abhilaksh Dhankhar is a Orator, Writer, Analyzer of geopolitical scenarios and military strategies. He has attended numerous conferences around the world on politics and has been conferred with more than 5 international awards. Abhilaksh also served as esteemed jury member in diplomatic meets. His vision to expand the ideals of international diplomacy made his self-initiated project "Drona" to be recognized as top ten most sustainable projects in India. 11 times, he has been selected for Harvard's Asia conferences and international relations programs. He worked with UNESCO under project RAISE to remove the gender disparity in the society. Abhilaksh constantly likes to spread his ideas and delivers effective seminars and sessions around the world, so far teaching more than 200 youngsters.

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