Tools You Can Use For Your PDF Files From Soda PDF


With Soda Pdf, you can never go wrong with your PDF Files. It offers various tools that you can use to alter, improve or secure your files. Here are some of them:

  1. PDF Reader

Soda PDF offers you a free and easy way of reading your digital books and PDF files. Soda PDF gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you want. You can either work online or offline. You can work offline using the sodapdf desktop application and online using a web browser.

You can read your files online by dragging and dropping the files into the box. Additionally, you can download them from cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Drop Box. No matter how you want to read your files or documents, you can rotate the book, adjust the zoom level, change the orientation of the document and read two documents simultaneously side by side.

  1. PDF Converter

This tool from Soda PDF enables you to convert your files to and from PDF files. It is easy and free to use. First pick the file that you need to convert by downloading it from Drop Box or Google Drive. Alternatively, you can drag and drop them.

Now you can convert your files to whatever form you like. You can change it from and to PDF files. For example, you can convert PDF files to Word, JPG, Excel or HTML files. You can also convert these file formats back to PDF. After, the conversion, you can download it and view it from the browser. With Soda PDF, you can choose more than 300 formats for your files.

  1. PDF Creator

Soda PDF allows you to create over 300 file formats for free using the PDF creator. Here is how to do it:

You can choose to do it online or offline. You can use the Soda PDF online application or you can download soda PDF application on your computer and work offline.  If you are working online, you should upload the file from your computer or download it from cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Drop Box. After creating the file, you can download it from your computer or from a link sent to you by Soda PDF via your email. You can view the file on the browser.

  1. PDF Form Filler

With Soda PDF, you can instantly fill out forms. Select the file you want to fill by downloading from cloud storage or uploading it from your computer. Use the online PDF form filler to fill in texts fields. Check off the checkboxes and make selections from radio buttons.

After you have filled the form, you can save it to your computer. You can view the document using the browser. It does not matter the device you are going to use to view the document, the content that you have filled on the form will still remain saved.

Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo is the President of Storify News. He is the owner of the Storify News Times since 2018. Storify News was founded by Mike Brovo.


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