5 Most Searched Trading Companies Stocks in India


With advancements in technology and increased participation from retail investors, the trading industry in India is experiencing remarkable growth. The industry’s robust infrastructure, regulatory reforms, and expanding investor base contribute to its promising prospects. As the sector continues to attract investments, it presents a compelling choice for investors seeking exposure to India’s thriving economy.

If you are interested in investing in this sector, then let’s have a look at the 5 most searched trading companies stocks in India.

1. Adani Enterprises 

Adani Enterprises is a prominent name in the trading industry. Their operations encompass a wide range of trading commodities like natural gas, coal, edible oils, and more. 

The company is also known for offering logistics and port services, facilitating domestic and international trade operations. As a key player, Adani Enterprises is contributing to the growth of India’s trading sector. 

2. Aegis Logistics

Aegis Logistics has emerged as an important player in the trading industry. The company offers a wide range of products and services including handling, distribution, and storage of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). Aegis Logistics offers these services for domestic and international markets. 

With such an important role in the logistics of LPG, Aegis Logistics is playing a vital function in the energy trading sector.

  • Aegis Logistics Share Price as of September 2023 – Rs. 337.60+
  • Market Cap – Rs. 11,583.00 Cr

3. Rain Industries

Rain Industries has emerged as a prominent player in the trading industry engaged in the production and trading of chemical and carbon products. Their product portfolio features coal tar pitch, calcined petroleum coke, and several specialty chemicals. The client base for Rain Industries is spread across industries like steel, chemicals, aluminum, and cement. 

As an important provider of raw materials for important sectors of the economy, Rain Industries is a major name in the trading world.

  • Rain Industries Share Price as of September 2023 – Rs. 173.75
  • Market Cap – Rs. 5,878.00 Cr

4. MMTC 

MMTC Ltd. Is a government-owned entity and a major name in the trading sector. The enterprise acts as a bridge between consumers and producers by ensuring a smooth flow of goods in the trading industry. With its expertise in imports and exports, MMTC Ltd. is in domestic as well as international markets.

The main products that it deals in are metals, agro products, and minerals. 

  • MMTC Share Price as of September 2023 – Rs. 60.05
  • Market Cap – Rs. 9,240.00 Cr

5. Hindware Home Innovation

Hindware Home Innovation is a leading name in the manufacturing and trading of kitchen appliances and sanitaryware. The company offers its products to residential and commercial consumers, both. 

By providing high-quality products based on the latest innovation, Hindware Home Innovation caters to the growth of important construction and home improvement sectors. 

  • Hindware Home Innovation Share Price as of September 2023 – Rs. 576.95
  • Market Cap – Rs. 4,182.00 Cr


These leading trading companies show great promise and are expected to grow tremendously in the coming year. To trade or invest in these stocks and many more, you can choose a reliable trading and investing app like Dhan and level up your stock market game with its incredible analysis tools and research reports.

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