Google Bard: Everything You Need To Know About the AI Chatbot Service Similar to ChatGPT


The scope and range of services Artificial Intelligence can offer are expanding faster than the time people take to understand what it’s all about. With the recent success of the conversational AI service ChatGPT, Google has also rolled out a similar chatbot called Google Bard.

It was officially introduced on February 6, 2023, by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, although it is currently available for use only to an exclusive section of Google’s beta testers. For the rest of us, Google is expected to make it available in the coming weeks and months. Let us dig a little deeper to understand more about Google Bard.

What Is Google Bard?

In the wake of competitor AI chatbot tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard has been designed to provide helpful responses to any questions you may have whose data is available online. It stimulates conversations with humans using natural language processing and machine learning.

It’s another example of how useful and impactful AI-generated content can be, especially for small-scale businesses that are unable to hire staff and will now be able to deliver content much faster using Google’s own search tools.

Similarities and Differences Between Google Bard and ChatGPT

Since the basic version of ChatGPT has been available for free for a while now, with users obsessed with the kind of services it offers, a comparison between ChatGPT, built on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and Google’s Bard, which uses LaMDA, is important to understand what the latter offers.

LaMDA is short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications and is among Google’s newest AI technologies next to PaLM, Imagen and MusicLM.

Google Bard is currently available to only limited beta testers, but we already know that while ChatGPT also uses a plagiarism detector, it is not yet revealed if Google Bard also has it. While both of them are AI chatbots, they have slightly different features.

ChatGPT is based on data collected till 2021, but Google Bard has the potential to use up-to-date responses since it gets all its data from Google.

How Does It Work?

Google Bard will use data from the internet and LaMDA to deliver “fresh, high-quality solutions”, according to Pichai. Google’s official announcement declared that a lightweight model version of LaMDA would be used in the first iteration of Bard.

A neural network architecture created by Google, Transformer, which was used in the development of GPT-3, the language model on which ChatGPT is based, also served as the foundation for LaMDA. While it’s not available for everyone, Google did release a demo of the AI chat service to familiarise everyone with how it functions.

Google Bard’s Possible Shortcomings

After the experimental conversational AI service demo was released on February 6, 2023, users noticed how Google Bard made a mistake while answering a question. The query Google Bard had to answer was, “What new findings from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?” It replied that the telescope had been the first to take a picture of an exoplanet outside our solar system.

This, in fact, had happened many years earlier, and this factual error was highlighted, making people doubt its accuracy. This resulted in heavy criticism of the tool and even Google’s stock price fell several points after this.

What Google Says About Bard

According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Bard can be an outlet for creativity and a launchpad for curiosity. It seeks to combine the “power, intelligence and creativity of our large language models.” These AI-powered features have been designed to present complex information in easier formats for better learning and understanding.

It is being recognised that while people use Google for factual and accurate information about a topic, a tool like this AI chatbot that can give a deeper insight and understanding of a particular topic is bound to be extremely helpful for users. For Google, working on these technologies translates into deep research and breakthroughs into products that are truly helpful for people.

Till Google Bard rolls out on a larger scale for availability to everyone, people without access, for now, can only speculate its scope and make comparisons with ChatGPT to understand how it is likely to function. After this introduction of Bard, Google claims that it will combine external feedback with internal testing to ensure Bard’s responses are of higher quality to provide real-world information.

It’s also interesting to note that following signs of ChatGPT’s successful development in early 2022, Google accelerated the development of Bard. While there are still questions about its accuracy following the glitch during its demo, speculations persist that Google should be able to tackle that major drawback in its newer versions since the version now is currently only in the beta testing stage.

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Suhina Bisaria
Suhina Bisaria
Suhina Bisaria is a journalist with a marketing degree. She is keen to learn and write about everything people might be interested in. She has worked as a copy editor in Delhi with prestigious news organisations. Apart from keeping track of all things newsworthy and delivering error-free content to users, she has also tried her hand at writing human interest features, Entertainment stories, health and lifestyle stories, celebrity news and viral news.


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