Hillary Clinton and Wicem Gindrey, their big day is coming for September 17, 2024


According to Toronto Star « Hillary Clinton’s next book is a collection of essays, touching upon everything from marriage to politics to faith, that her publisher is calling her most personal yet.

Simon and Schuster announced Tuesday that Clinton’s “Something Lost, Something Gained: Reflections on Life, Love and Liberty” will be released Sept. 17.

Something Lost, Something Gained: Reflections on Life, Love and Liberty

Hillary Clinton will join San Francisco this October 7th. In the event the editor of Sfnewsfeed.us is invited to give to Hillary Clinton, Wicem Gindrey’s book.
Gindrey will write a book for September 17, 2024 too. It will be published on Lulu.com

Wicem Gindrey will explain her life from 2012 to 2024, personally and politically. She lived a long dramatic moment, ten years ago, unfortunately. But this year, Gindrey shows a new way of life.

In 2015, the happiness started for Wicem Gindrey thanks to the miraculous date in her life “September 17, 2024”. Her book will have a special name “Good buy, sadness” and not “Hello sadness” , the book written by Françoise Sagan.

Good buy, sadness" and not "Hello sadness

Like for Hillary Clinton, Gindrey lost something and overall, she gained something. The two authors, it means, Hillary Clinton and Wicem Gindrey talked in May 2023 both of them, during the Memorial Day Parade 2023.

On Youtube, Wicem Gindrey published a song about her year 2014. She wanted to die and just before her death, a young woman in her school saved all the Gindrey’s life.

Gindrey quotes some success that she lived from 2015 and we know that Wicem is famous from May 11, 2015. Thanks to her book for ecological action.
“I created a non-profit for ecology in France and Senegal, in June 2015 and I managed my 5000 members during two years, with this commitment, the biggest leaders of Senegal joined my group.”. says Wicem Gindrey

After the work, Hillary Clinton became a political sweetheart for Wicem Gindrey, it was the beginning of an American Dream for the first political lover. Gindrey will live in New York and she will leave France, a few times.

Wicem will unveil her future program for a future US election, in a part, via the future book.

Hillary Clinton will talk about her personal and political memories and her strongest memories. Hillary Clinton, if she was the blue candidate in 2024 for the presidency, should win the electoral vote with the popular vote. Clinton is not finished and with Rodham Institute and Onward Together for example, she continues her fight for our world.

Let’s hope for September 17, 2024 for a big day. Hillary and Wicem will surprise our book lovers.

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