Who is Wicem Gindrey?


Wicem Gindrey’s Appearance at Festival du livre de Paris

On April 13, 2024, Wicem Gindrey took part in the Festival du livre de Paris event. During the event, former French president François Hollande graciously signed a book for Wicem’s nephew, Robin, showcasing her presence and recognition within the literary community.

Journey of Wicem Gindrey: Journalist, Author, and Singer

Wicem Gindrey is a multifaceted individual, serving as a journalist for Sfnewsfeed.us, an author, and a budding singer. Her recent foray into YouTube has garnered attention, amassing 100 followers within just two weeks. Notably, she made a significant international debut with a song expressing her support for US Republicans in 2004.

Transformation and Achievements

Despite facing academic challenges early on, Gindrey’s determination led to a remarkable turnaround. From struggling in her studies to achieving top academic honors, her journey reflects resilience and perseverance. Her transition in political views, particularly in supporting Ségolène Royal and the Socialist Party, underscores her evolving perspectives over the years.

Rising Fame and Political Engagement

Gindrey’s fame soared in 2015 with the release of a notable book and her involvement in philanthropic endeavors. Her increasing prominence led to interactions with prominent figures such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Amelie Nothomb, and Hillary Clinton.

Vision and Ambitions

Looking ahead, Gindrey aspires to enter the realm of video game development and aims to interview the president of Senegal—a testament to her diverse interests and aspirations. Additionally, she harbors ambitions of running for regional office in France in 2028, showcasing her commitment to public service.

Identity and Advocacy

Beyond her professional endeavors, Gindrey openly embraces her non-cisgender identity and advocates for gender diversity and inclusion. Her boldness in expressing her sexual orientation and political views reflects her commitment to authenticity and social change.


Wicem Gindrey’s journey is marked by resilience, talent, and a relentless pursuit of her passions. From her early struggles to her current achievements, she continues to defy expectations and carve her path in various spheres of life. With her unwavering determination and diverse talents, she is poised to make a lasting impact on both the cultural and political landscapes.

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