How Wicem Gindrey knows her death date?


Who is Wicem Gindrey?

Wicem Gindrey is famous in France and in the US. Even in an other countries. She is journalist, and will be the chancellor for a non profit in New York, even she will create a first video game. 

Gindrey is borderline with a divided identity , unfortunately. Ten years ago, she was in a terrible self destruction during eight months. By a big abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, Red Bull and dangerous medication. And she was terribly anorexic.

In September 2014 just before her survival thank to her best friend of her high school, Wicem lost near to 15 kgs. And she was very sick. 

With this post traumatic stress, she is addicted to tobacco. But hopefully, all her other addictions disappeared. In 2024 Wicem Gindrey won against her eating disorder. 

Despite these big progress, the young journalist refuses to become an old person in her life.

« I will be uglier than the persons of my age, I will be resident at least ten years before them. From 2012 to 2026 I would have been under guardianship and if I live after 72 years old, I risk this time, the conservatorship. And worse I will regret my youth and I could not change my age. » 

Then Gindrey decided from a long time to die one day before her 64 years old then the May 10, 2058. The same age of death for Nino Ferrer who was singer like her and by suicide too.

As Wicem is concerned by Michael Jackson, with her transracial change in 2018 for a festival in Poitou-Charentes. Then she prefer to die in the US. She will choose Brooklyn, in 2058. 

She wants to use a drugs and alcohol the D-Day. In France, Wicem is member of ADMD / death with dignity association. And in January 2024 the future US leader almost die because of an overdose. 

Gindrey prefers to limit her life for dying without pain and for avoiding the « horrible shame » … for her , all persons in the world deserve to live a long life but not her. 

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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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