Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert’s Relationship: What We Know


Back in January, NBA star Rudy Gobert was spotted out on the town with porn star Riley Reid, and people were very curious about what the two of them could possibly be doing together. Now, we might have our answer — they’re dating!

A look back at their relationship

After only two weeks of dating, reid posted a picture on Instagram with her new man. She captioned it with And he’s French too! But I don’t care. The post was met with an uproar of support from fans, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone—the couple look very much in love (as they still do today).

Shortly after that, reid attended one of gobert’s games and watched him snag his first career triple-double. The pair continued to show their affection for each other on social media until that fateful day in late March when everything fell apart between them…

The first time they met

Well, according to Riley, it was a chance meeting at a Starbucks in Los Angeles. It’s unclear if she recognized him or not (not that you’d necessarily recognize him without his trademark beard). If she did know who he was then she chose to introduce herself anyways—and it was a connection that both of them said they knew was something special.

I had seen pictures of him in magazines and I knew who he was but I didn’t know what to say, Riley told Cosmopolitan. And so when we met at Starbucks it felt like more than just an encounter with someone really famous. It felt like fate.

Their first kiss

Riley Reid met her boyfriend, NBA player Rudy Gobert, at a nightclub in Hollywood called Hyde on April 6, 2016. A friend of both of them suggested they meet because they would really like each other, according to Reid.

It worked—Reid shared their first kiss later that night. I didn’t know what was going to happen until we started talking, she said about their meeting. He was very sweet. Three months later, on July 3, 2016, TMZ confirmed that they were officially dating.

Their first anniversary together

The couple celebrated their first anniversary on Aug. 14, 2017. They have never publicly confirmed a wedding date or discussed tying the knot. However, as of August 2017, Gobert and Reid appear to be happier than ever—in addition to celebrating their first anniversary, they also welcomed a new puppy named Roxy in July.

(Reid shared a video of Roxy being introduced to her two pugs on Instagram.) When your dogs meet your new puppy, she captioned it. How cute! In early August, she also shared a photo of herself and Gobert while getting ready for New York Fashion Week—how cute are they?

How they spend their free time

All NBA players have very little free time during the season. Playing for a championship requires hard work, lots of travel, tough practices, early mornings and late nights. But how do you find time to date or maintain a relationship when your free time is so limited?

Like many other famous NBA couples (and celebrity couples in general), Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert found a way to make it work by working it into their schedules. I’ll explain what we know about their dating timeline below!

Where they keep the romance alive

I don’t like giving away my personal space, said Gobert in his interview with The Players’ Tribune. Even when I go to France, I have my family, but sometimes I’ll just sit down on a bench and think about how lucky I am.

He added that he wants to make his relationship with Reid work because of who she is rather than for other reasons. He said he knows he can be hard to handle at times, so it’s up to him to make sure she doesn’t feel like just another person in his life.

What we can expect in the future

The couple first sparked dating rumors in December, but it was only recently that they decided to go public with their relationship. While speaking to Complex Magazine, Riley said that she never thought her co-star had a very nice personality.

She continued, He’s funny as s—t though! I get along with him really well. He’s somebody who you would think doesn’t have a sense of humor because he’s so tall and quiet; he hardly talks.

Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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  1. Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert are not dating each other. Two of them are opposed, and those rumors will never come to pass because Riley Reid married the love of her life in June 2021.


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