What Video Conferencing Services can do for Your Company


Video conferencing is becoming a key advantage for pretty much all businesses, and for good reason. Inter-connectivity is important, and video conferencing is an important facet of that. But why, exactly, has it become so valuable? After all, couldn’t people just use a simple phone call to keep in contact with their employees? While this may make sense as a suggestion, the truth is that there are several reasons why video conferencing has grown in significance and value.

It is undeniable that a phone call is technically capable of doing a lot of the same necessary features of what video conferencing services, such as Ooma Meetings, can do. After all, you can talk to your co-workers, and things are generally pretty clear through either one. So why do video conferences? Well, a big part of the advantage of video conferences is that the video portion actually makes a huge difference. For example, it makes it a lot more difficult to zone out or slack off, as you feel the obligation to give visual confirmation of your attentiveness. 

It’s hard to tell when someone is listening to you without asking them to go through the rigamarole of asking you to recap what was said. Instead, you can just tell whether someone is paying attention by looking at them, and they are likely going to be able to communicate better in general since there is often a visual component behind a lot of communication. Video conferences through professional services are also a lot more personal than a phone call, ensuring that you maintain a good human connection between co-workers without having to be in the same room.

Video conferencing also tends to be a pretty efficient option for when you want to be more efficient during meetings. If you want to maintain the above-mentioned human connection and better communication but want to be able to efficiently communicate with people, but you don’t have the time to do so many in-person meetings with people from different sectors and even outside your company, a video conference is the best approach. 

You also do not have to travel as much, which for short distances helps with gas costs and reduces the amount of wear and tear to the vehicles used. For longer distances, it saves a significant amount of money. 

No more taking a plane or a train to go to have a single conversation with a prospective client. People are also that much more difficult to wrangle together for an in-person conference, even if they are actually in the same building. Instead, being able to just look at your phone and join a video conference is just that much easier and that much less stressful to get set up as a result. 

Furthermore, video conferences work super well for your employees, as it allows them to spend more time at home and less time traveling for these video conferences.

Erric Ravi
Erric Ravihttps://www.storifynews.com
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