Why Kamala Harris’ word salads could chop up Biden’s 2024 plans


President Joe Biden’s pursuit of a second term hinges on addressing the concerns surrounding his vice president, Kamala Harris. While both Biden and Harris currently face challenges in their poll numbers, recent polling by the Los Angeles Times indicates that Harris has a net favorability rating of -12 percentage points, with only 41% of registered voters holding a favorable opinion of her. This begs the question of what accomplishments those 41% see in Harris’ tenure, as there appear to be none of note.

Republicans are likely to raise concerns about Biden’s age and question Harris’ qualifications and readiness to assume the presidency in case of unforeseen circumstances. This scrutiny is customary when selecting a vice president and holds significant weight in the upcoming campaign.

Harris stands out among modern vice presidents due to her perceived weak resume for a potential second term and her struggles with articulation. Her recent remarks at an event in New Orleans sponsored by Essence magazine left many perplexed, with convoluted sentences and seemingly disconnected thoughts. Critics have labeled her rhetoric as a “word salad,” lacking coherence and relevance. Even without a teleprompter, she manages to make Biden appear more articulate by comparison.

Effective politicians must possess the ability to effectively communicate with voters and the wider public. While not every president or vice president possesses the oratory prowess of historical figures like Daniel Webster, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, most could at least speak in a manner that was clear and understandable.

Considering Harris’ communication challenges, it is worth contemplating a scenario where she delivers a presidential speech that starts off with “Good evening, my fellow Americans” but quickly descends into the confusion observed in her New Orleans remarks. Furthermore, questions arise regarding her understanding of and ability to articulate the administration’s foreign and domestic policies. Although she was tasked with addressing border-related issues, little progress has been made, partially because Biden’s apparent stance on keeping the border open.

Therefore, it is crucial for Biden to select a new running mate to replace Harris. Such a decision may face backlash from groups who celebrated her as the first female and person of color vice president, emphasizing diversity over actual accomplishments. However, a stronger, more accomplished, and articulate vice president would serve as the Democrats’ best insurance policy in case Biden secures a second term but is unable to complete it.

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