What did Nehru Appeal to The People of India


Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the most iconic and influential leaders in the history of modern India. He was the first Prime Minister of independent India, serving from 1947 until his death in 1964. Nehru played a pivotal role in shaping the political, social, and economic landscape of India. He was a man of vision, and his ideas and ideals continue to resonate with the people of India even today. In this article, we will explore what Nehru appealed to the people of India and why his legacy continues to be relevant.

Secularism and Democracy

One of the most significant appeals of Nehru’s vision for India was his commitment to secularism and democracy. Nehru believed that India’s strength lay in its diversity and that the country’s future depended on its ability to embrace all religions, languages, and cultures. He envisioned India as a secular and democratic nation, where all citizens would be equal before the law, regardless of their religion or caste.

Nehru’s commitment to democracy was evident in the way he governed India. He believed in the power of the people and sought to build a nation that was accountable to its citizens. He encouraged participation in the democratic process and believed that it was the responsibility of every citizen to work towards building a better India.

Socialism and Economic Development

Another significant appeal of Nehru’s vision for India was his commitment to socialism and economic development. Nehru believed that India needed to break free from its colonial past and build a modern, industrialized economy that could provide employment and opportunities for its people. He believed that the government had a crucial role to play in ensuring that the benefits of economic growth were shared by all.

Nehru’s vision for economic development was reflected in his policies, such as the Five-Year Plans, which aimed to industrialize India and create a self-sufficient economy. He also emphasized the importance of education, healthcare, and social welfare, recognizing that economic growth could only be sustainable if it was accompanied by social development.

Internationalism and Non-Alignment

Nehru was a strong proponent of internationalism and non-alignment. He believed that India had a role to play in the world and that it was essential for the country to maintain friendly relations with all nations. He was a firm believer in the United Nations and worked tirelessly to promote peace and cooperation among nations.

Nehru’s commitment to non-alignment was evident in India’s foreign policy, which sought to maintain equidistance from the two superpowers during the Cold War. He believed that India’s independence and sovereignty could only be maintained if the country remained neutral and independent in its foreign policy.


In conclusion, Jawaharlal Nehru appealed to the people of India with his vision of a secular, democratic, and socialist India, where every citizen would have equal opportunities and social justice. He believed in the power of the people and sought to build a nation that was accountable to its citizens.

Nehru’s ideas and ideals continue to shape India’s political, social, and economic landscape today, and his legacy remains relevant even after his death. His commitment to secularism, democracy, socialism, internationalism, and non-alignment continues to inspire people in India and around the world.

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