How Many Times Has The US Constitution Been Amended?


How many times has the US constitution been amended? In the US, the constitution has been amended 27 times. The first 10 amendments are referred to bills of rights, that guarantee the people rights of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, etc.

Such US constitution amendments highlight the citizen’s importance in sharing a country and allow them to take a stand for themselves. The Bill of Rights makes people aware of their freedom and rights and selects their representative government. 

On every 4 July, US citizens celebrate their independence after amendments. These amendments mark the evolving nature of the Constitution and ensure that it remains adaptable and relevant to changing needs in society. It also ensures the growth and progress of the United States.  

How many amendments are in the US?

In the US, the Constitution has been amended 27 times. The first 10 amendments are called the Bill of Rights, and the other 17 amendments handle everything regarding voting rights. Here, we describe all amendments to the US Constitution:

1st Amendment

1st Amendment of the US Constitution is all about freedom of speech. It makes the people aware to protest and express their views

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment gives the right to people to bear arms. With this Amendment, people get the right to have their own firearms and keep their property protected

3rd Amendment

According to the 3rd Amendment of the US Constitution, people do not house soldiers during war if they do not consent to it

 4th Amendment

This Amendment gives the right to people to feel secure and live in their homes without unreasonable searches and seizures.

5th Amendment

5th Amendment enables the protection of citizens from double jeopardy and gives them the right to due process

6th Amendment

This Amendment of the US Constitution gives the right to a public and speedy trial, legal counsels, a jury of impartial peers and informed of crimes

7th Amendment

It gives the right to jury trials to handle civil matters.

8th Amendment

After the US Constitution had been amended 8 times, it bans on punishments for crimes and focused on excessive bail or fines

9th Amendment

9th Amendment gives more rights to US citizens than listed earlier. Their absence does not destroy their importance, as per this Amendment

10th Amendment

10th Amendment separates the state and federal law. The US Constitution only gives the power to the federal government to handle matters.

11th Amendment

According to this Amendment of the US Constitution, the judicial code of the US does not pose to suits brought by a foreign power

12th Amendment

12th Amendment decides the election process for president and vice president in the US

13th Amendment

It abolishes the slavery, except for the situation of punishment after a crime

14th Amendment

After the US Constitution was amended for the 14th time, it gave rights to citizens under the law regarding sex and race.

15th Amendment

This Amendment gives the right to people to vote, no matter what their race


16th Amendment

16th Amendment is a law that permits Congress to collect income tax, with a guarantee that it will not be based on state population. This Amendment was ratified in 1913

17th Amendment

It establish the composition of the election process for senators

18th Amendment

It prohibited the manufacture, sales and alcohol transportation in US country

19th Amendment

19th Amendment gives the right to US citizens to vote on terms of sex. Congress get the power to enforce this article through legislation

20th Amendment

20th Amendment established the date of inauguration, presidential succession

21st Amendment

After this bill was amended in the US Constitution, It repealed alcohol prohibition in the country

22 amendment

22nd Amendment establishes the two-term limit for the president

23rd Amendment

To build the presidential vote for DC, the US Constitution has been amended 23rd times

24th Amendment

This Amendment abolished poll taxes

25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment of the US Constitution has establish the process for the vice president to assume the presidency

26th Amendment

It is an amendment that sets the voting rights for citizens who are at the age of 18 years

27th Amendment

No law changes the compensation for services of representatives and senators till the election of representatives has been selected.


These 27 amendments of the US constitution play an important role to shape the country law and protects rights of individuals. They are testament to evolution of Constitution and importance of citizen participation in voting. Through democratic and dialogue process, the country ensure that Constitution remains in importance and reflects the aspirations and value of “we are people”.

Abhilaksh Dhankhar is a Orator, Writer, Analyzer of geopolitical scenarios and military strategies. He has attended numerous conferences around the world on politics and has been conferred with more than 5 international awards. Abhilaksh also served as esteemed jury member in diplomatic meets. His vision to expand the ideals of international diplomacy made his self-initiated project "Drona" to be recognized as top ten most sustainable projects in India. 11 times, he has been selected for Harvard's Asia conferences and international relations programs. He worked with UNESCO under project RAISE to remove the gender disparity in the society. Abhilaksh constantly likes to spread his ideas and delivers effective seminars and sessions around the world, so far teaching more than 200 youngsters.

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