Exploring the Landscape of Societal Transformation: Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation


A Movement Driving Social Transformation

Enactus, the largest learning platform globally, empowers students to emerge as entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. With its motto “Entrepreneurial, Action, and Us,” Enactus motivates students to initiate action and foster positive change within their communities and beyond.

With a network of business, academic, and student leaders across 37 countries, Enactus enables over 72,000 students from 1,730 campuses to transform the lives of 1.3 million people annually with their innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Enactus MLNC exemplifies this worldwide movement—a student-driven social entrepreneurial venture situated in India. With direction from the Indian branch and backed by KPMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility, this initiative strives to eliminate social evils and uplift marginalized communities.

Enactus MLNC has five ongoing projects, each with a unique vision and mission:

Project Parivartan:

This initiative aims to uplift underprivileged women by equipping them with a sustainable source of income through the production and promotion of pet accessories under the brand name ‘Be-desi’. These handmade accessories are crafted by the women, enabling them to directly benefit from the sales revenue. The surplus profits generated are channeled into Project Desi, a dedicated effort towards the betterment of animal welfare.

Project Desi:

This initiative endeavours to ameliorate the plight of stray dogs in India by tackling pressing issues like overpopulation, rabies, and aggressiveness. Operating under the acronym “DESI” – embodying the principles of Duty to Empathise, Sterilize, and Immunize – the project has executed comprehensive sterilisation, vaccination, and awareness campaigns spanning the Delhi-NCR region.

This endeavour has yielded a more secure coexistence for both the canine population and the community. Notably, the project’s commendable accomplishments, encompassing the sterilisation and immunisation of more than 3,500 dogs, have garnered acclaim from esteemed publications and earned recognition from PETA India. Its outreach has extended to millions, disseminating a vital message that resonates with compassion and responsible dog welfare.

Project Sneh:

This project epitomises a commitment to environmental conservation by advocating for the adoption of cloth diapers as a sustainable substitute for their plastic counterparts. Meticulously fashioned by skilled women associated with diverse NGOs, these cloth diapers serve as more than eco-friendly alternatives – they empower women economically, fostering a sense of financial independence.

Beyond their socioeconomic impact, these reusable diapers, crafted in collaboration with Streebal NGO, showcase an ingenious design that not only guarantees leak protection but also prioritises breathability. This initiative stands as a pivotal stride toward a sustainable future, holding the promise of bequeathing a cleaner and healthier world to present and forthcoming generations.

Project Prabhakshay:

Dedicated to energy conservation and harnessing renewable sources, this initiative ingeniously fabricates eco-conscious solar lamps by repurposing discarded plastic items. These lamps serve a dual purpose, offering a steady income stream to seasonal electricians while significantly curbing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with ambitious sustainable development goals.

The project’s accolades, including an impressive placement among the top 30 global teams in the Enactus World Cup’s Race 4 Climate Action, underscore the innovative prowess and profound impact of their endeavours. 

Project Aapurti:

This pioneering initiative seeks to transform the paradigm of conventional cutlery by unveiling a revolutionary 100% biodegradable alternative – edible cutlery. This innovative approach not only addresses the menace of pollution but also champions the cause of animal and human welfare. By introducing this sustainable and edible solution, the project aims to leave an indelible mark on environmental conservation, fostering a harmonious coexistence between human convenience and ecological responsibility.

Enactus MLNC’s achievements highlight the dedication and unwavering determination of its members. They have created remarkable milestones over the years, leaving a significant and positive impact on the environment, society, and the world at large.

Their actions vividly demonstrate the potential for a determined cohort of students to effect significant change, ultimately leading to a better world.

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