Macaw Parrot Price in India


What is Macaw Parrot ?

Macaws are maybe the most effectively unmistakable birds in the parrot family. Beautiful and engaging, these birds have been kept as pets for many years.

These birds are characters, each having various characters, likes, and aversions. Because of their size, macaws can be trying to really focus on, yet they are faithful mates who merit the time responsibility. Here are a couple of fun realities about these perky individuals from the parrot family.

There are in excess of 370 distinct kinds of parrots, and macaws are the biggest. Macaws typically weigh somewhere in the range of two and four pounds, which is genuinely powerful for a bird. The biggest of the macaws, the hyacinth macaw, can arrive at lengths of almost three and a half feet long from the bill to the tip of the tail. Likewise, they gloat a noteworthy wingspan of up to 60 inches.

Macaw Parrot Price in India |

Are you looking for best price for Macaw parrot in India? Are your searching to buy parrot in India? Below are the macaw parrot price in India. We have 18 macaw species and two general sizes of macaws. The macaws and cokatoos are in a safe and are often kept in less than optimum conditions.

Indian Ringneck Parrot: 500 Rs

Scarlet Macaw: 120000 Rs

Scarlet Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw: 140000 Rs

Blue and Gold Macaw: 140000 Rs

Hyacinth Macaw: 300000 Rs

Hyacinth Macaws (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Hanhs Macaw: 20000 Rs

Hanhs Macaw

Lutino Lovebird : 900 Rs

Lutino Lovebird

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