Not the first time, Leila Agic made a big mistake today


Leila Agic is a deputy of Brussels, and even if we discovered her other face in politics, today, with a bad idea, she has been a bad leader since 2010. 

Agic wants to destroy the security in her city because she will try all in order to remove 66 places for the cars in the Jette City’s parkings.

For a feminist, this speech is shameful , Eleke Van Denbrandt the ecologist minister of Brussels is right, when we are progressive like the Groen and Socialist Party, we can´t reply to Leila’s question. 

We can’t unveil all but from 2011 to 2013, Agic tried the worst for her personnal glory in France. She crushed all her haters of the left in France and finally, she was fired from a political team by supporters who had been robbed by the current deputy.

Leila Agic blocks all comments and from a first message of disagreement about her speech. She is now, 8th candidate for the Brussels Parliament and the socialist party. Agic writes the minimal text in her website about her policies but when she takes her family in picture with the “Agic 2024” poster, overall a one year old kid, it’s not correct.

She will win or not, in the two cases, Leila will run for mayor in October. Information about today, she is against the help for the disabled persons with her ask to the minister, she will be dangerous for an old person who will be in difficulties because when we block a parking lot , only a mobile phone can help. 

She started her political too early, because with a first election at 23 years old, the career is shorter than a first office in politics near to 36 years old. By the way, she reduces the chances of her own party to win the region of Brussels.

If, like in France, an 18 years old is mayor, the results are horrible and the mayor is fired before seven years of political office. A very young mayor in 2014 has been condemned one week after his election. A deputy born in 2001, is elected from 2022 and in two years he is indicted seriously. 

A neurosed business and political woman, gives in priority her revolution of the policies for the left in Europe. She is a singer too. For her, we must give a big pack of ideas, but Leila Agic, oppositely, is for her own “glorious smile”.  

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