Wicem Gindrey Invites a Congressperson in 2025 to Collaborate on Writing a Book with her


Wicem Gindrey, a dedicated author and member of the Socialist Party in Arras, France, is preparing a significant new book on suicide awareness in Africa. In 2025, she plans to propose a co-writing project to a U.S. congressperson, aiming to create a powerful dialogue on various pressing issues through a series of letters.

The book will feature a debate on policies, personal testimonies, and political actions. Structured as an exchange of letters between Gindrey and the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, the book will delve into diverse topics. The first letter will serve as an introduction, while the second will outline a policy proposal for incorporating environmental education into school curriculums. The third letter will present a social questionnaire project designed to assist communities at various levels.

Gindrey’s commitment to social causes is evident. She has organized a city clean-up campaign in Arras, aiming to involve at least 30,000 people and garner local media attention. She also plans to meet with her mayor on May 29, 2024, to propose a graphic poster aimed at reducing drug trafficking. The following day, this proposal, along with a news article and poster, will be sent to the deputy’s team.

In addition to her advocacy work, Gindrey plans to create a book of approximately 40 to 60 pages by May 2025. She aspires to hold a journalistic meeting with Barack Obama and his wife during the inauguration of the Obama Presidential Center in Spring 2026. Additionally, she is considering a move to La Courneuve, a suburb of Paris, where she may run for mayor.

Gindrey is a passionate advocate for various causes, including the fight against anorexia, climate justice, and political representation for minorities. She envisions a political landscape where LGBTQ+, female, and foreign representatives are elected by city and state. Reflecting on the 2024 Biden campaign, she contemplates writing a global chapter.

Gindrey also hopes to involve Eric Owino from Kenya, who could serve as the African leader in their collaborative book project. She had the privilege of meeting Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, which she considers the highlight of her life. Looking ahead, she and her transgender boyfriend, Anzo, are exploring the possibility of relocating to New York by 2034.

As part of her ongoing efforts, Gindrey is preparing questions for an upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton on May 27, 2024, with the help of a friend who will facilitate the interview. Gindrey’s dedication to her causes and her collaborative spirit promise to make a significant impact through her upcoming projects.

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