Putin to hold Summit with Xi at start of Olympics in Beijing


Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing at the launch of the Winter Olympics for a peak that will include a discussion of Moscow’s addresses with theU.S. and NATO about Ukraine, according to the sanctioned Russian news agency TASS. 

According to Kremlin prophet Dmitry Peskov, Putin, who’s set to attend the Feb. 4 Opening Form, will concentrate on” security guarantees” being offered by NATO. 

“There has been no collaboration (of Moscow’s and Beijing’s conduct on security guarantees) until now,” Peskov said. 

“At the same time, Russia and China, as countries maintaining relations of privileged cooperation, are in a constant exchange of information and views on the most topical matters, including this one,” Peskov added.”That’s why, naturally, President Putin will inform Xi about what’s going on in this sphere.”

Last week, Russian diplomats met with officers from the United States and its NATO abettors for security accommodations in three European metropolises amid the massing of Russian colors and outfits near Ukraine’s border, which has caused concern that Russia could be planning to launch an irruption. 

President Biden doubly bandied the Russian troop buildup with Putin last month, advising that Moscow would face” severe consequences,” including unknown profitable and fiscal warrants if it attacked its neighbor. 

Putin has described the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO and the alliance planting munitions there as a” red line” for Moscow. The Kremlin demanded that Washington and its abettors make a list pledge banning NATO’s expansion to Ukraine, Georgia, or any other ex-Soviet nations. 

Fox News has learned there’s growing concern from U.S.  Officers over Russian colors moving into Belarus over the weekend for alleged common service exercises. The exercises, which are underway in the landlocked country, follow a manufactured emigrant extremity in Belarus in November to divert attention from Russia’s figure-up on the border with Ukraine. 

Moscow has denied such an intention and in turn, indicted Ukrainian authorities of planning a descent to reclaim control over homes in eastern Ukraine held by Russia- backed secessionists — allegations Ukraine has rejected. U.S. officers are also concerned about whether Russia will move nuclear munitions into Belarus, which is, and has been since 1994, under the control of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

“This is a moment of decision for Lukashenko about the sovereignty of his country,” the State Department functionary noted. TASS said Tuesday that the Russian, Iranian and Chinese processions will hold common nonmilitary pushes.

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