Storify News becomes USA’s 39th Most-Read News Site


Internet is the need of the hour. For once, you can consider living without the basic necessities, but a life without the Internet is definitely something most people won’t prefer living. Just like food and water, the Internet has become the very basic need of a human being these days. Also, the expansion of this luxury to even the remotest areas have led to the connection of everyone on the endless web. Due to so many people actively browsing the internet each day, it has led to the creation of a number of websites that not only aims to entertain people, but also provide them with the latest updates on either sports, latest movies, Politics, US News, Trump News, Opinion, Australia News, Asia News, UK News, Netflix updates, Tech and business News, Entertainment, TV shows, Science or even on all of them. It has, however, became crucial for the website owners to include the latest happenings from various areas of user interest. And since Internet blesses with a good amount once you have managed to attract a fair share of traffic, people are really fighting the battle of the best here.  Recently, it is official posted that according to buzzfeed track, Storify News becomes USA’s 39th Most-Read News Site.

Founded on 1st October 2018, Storify News has always been one step ahead in providing what the users actually like. From the latest updates on TV shows, movies, to even science, Storify News really keeps the users updated on news that really matters. If you browse through the website, you will see how it includes content from a varying range, including but not limited to sports, digital marketing, entertainment, etc. This is pretty important because users usually search for news related to these categories only. And to have these categories listed on your website is a big benefit for both the users as well as the owner of this website. For people, because they are being fed with the latest news. For the owner, because the more people visit the website, the more revenue the site generates.

If you haven’t heard of Storify News yet, it is good to visit the website and see for yourself what it has in store for you. You will find plenty of topics to keep you indulged in the write-ups.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi is an entrepreneur, speaker & the founder of Storify News and Gurgaon Times of India He is the Co-Founder of The Storify News Times. Forbes calls him a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent. Entrepreneur lists him among 50 online marketing influencers to watch. has him on the list of 20 digital marketing experts to follow on Twitter. Oanalytica named him #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer. BizHUMM ranks him as the world’s #1 business blogger.

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