8 Amazing Facts About Tekashi 6ix9ine


6ix9ine is a name you must have heard quite recently. For both good and bad reasons, this name is doing rounds on the internet. Otherwise known as Tekashi69 is a 22-year old Instagram star and rapper with the Instagram followers count exceeding 15 million. Donning the one of its kind persona, his real name is Daniel Hernandez and he is popular for being a no-nonsense rapper. He likes flaunting the rainbow colored hair and that inked face. Daniel started his rapping journey on the non-mainstream platform SoundCloud. However, he witnessed popularity and believability for his talent after “FEFE”, his first hit single with Nicki Minaj.

But, all that glitters is not gold. His stars are passing on really fast. As he is a well-known star now, people are digging up more into his life before stardom, also considering his 2015 conviction for using a youngster in a sexual exhibition. Further, since the time he was captured in November, more hints are exposed claiming his association with sorted out crimes. In January itself, Daniel confessed to the charges including unlawful guns possession, racketeering, and also for helping in attempted murders by the cruel Trey Nine pack. He is currently helping the government officials for their investigation regarding the members of the association.

Here are ten facts that you need to know about Daniel.

1. He is a school dropout

Daniel Hernandez is a school dropout who left school at the tender age of thirteen.

Daniel Hernandez dropped out of school at the age of 13.

2. Sexual harassment

In February 2015, Daniel got indulged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old, claiming he thought she was nineteen.

In February 2015, Hernandez performed sexual acts with a 13-year-old, whom he said he believed was 19.

3. Online presence

Hernandez focused on making his online presence felt more powerful. He focused on increasing his online popularity but it backfired on him. He ended up making a deal with a fugitive.

Hernandez focused on building his online following — but made a deal with a fugitive.

4.First step to popularity

It was Gummo in 2017 that made him quite popular on the social media.

He became famous with


Yet another breakthrough for Daniel happened in July, when he released his first ever video single with Nicki Minaj. However, the rapper was kidnapped later.

July was another big month for him — he released a song with Nicki Minaj and was reportedly kidnapped.

6.The conviction
Daniel Hernandez has also been sentenced for indulging in child sex case.

Hernandez was finally sentenced for the child-sex case.

7. The Criminal Gang connection

It was the month of November when the federal authorities accused Daniel of being a part of the criminal gang Trey Nine Pack.

In November, federal authorities charged Hernandez with being part of a criminal enterprise.

8. Pleaded guilty

In January, Daniel pleaded guilty for the accusations put up on him by the federal authorities. He even agreed to help the prosecutors to find the other members associated with the group Trey Nine Pack.

In January, Hernandez pleaded guilty to the charges and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.


However, in spite of pleading guilty for the accusations, Daniel denied having done any sexual abuse with the minor in a number of interviews. He said that he is a victim of the judicial system where the attributes of the case were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, ever since the discovery of his criminal records have backfired on him, it didn’t seem to impact his online popularity in any case. The rapper is growing stronger thus far. His singles like Kooda, Billy, Keke have all charted on the Billboard Hot 100, shutting any talk of his success being just a fluke. Furthermore, along with giving back to back hits and proving his innocence, Daniel has spent most of his time in being a part of beef of both street and industry variety. This has put up target on his back from the rival gangs.

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