The Legend of Korra Season 5: Avatar Korra’s Story Continues in the Hands of the Original Creator


The Legend of Korra Season 5

The Legend of Korra Season 5The series of “The legend of korra” and “Asami walking off to the spirit world” left the world with deep researching and wondering. However, there’s more exploration to expert from this two series in the nearest future.

Before now, fans celebrated the previous episode of Bryke (Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino) and Korra which left them with a level of excitement and with the hope of expecting a newer episode or season of the movie series (Legend of Korra season 5). Obviously, the excitement didn’t stop them from hopping for the next season.

The Legend of Korra Season 5
The Legend of Korra Season 5

The Legend of Korra is actually one of the top rated famous and recognized television animation series. This very animation seemed to be similar with “The Last Airbender animation series (Avatar) where people can easily bend or possibly manipulate the four elements of nature.

More to that, the Avatar animation series from coined from the story of little Aang who was identified as Avatar and can easily manipulate all the elements of nature, unlike normal benders who can bend just one. Aang has the same responsibility just like the previous and past avatars (which is safeguarding world peace).

Now with Korra, the story itself to a more modern setting, focusing on the world’s new Avatar (Which is likely and would be best tagged Avatar Korra).

Focusing on the credits and accolades, the Legend of Korra was first premiered in the year 2012 which drew its comparisons and similarities with the work of the greatest Japanese film maker, Hayao Miyazaki. The season was “Hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

The Legend of Korra Season 5: Is This For Real?

Well, the answer to this very question is no. Yeah! But the series will continue as a graphic novel just like “The Last Airbender”. The graphic novel will be designed by Dark Horse and will be written by Michael Dante DiMartino who has been reckoned as one of the prolific writers of our time.

When Will The The Legend Korra Graphic Novel Be Out?

The Legend of Korra Season 5

Ideally, it is said that the Korra’s story will be continued in three graphic extensions. However, it’s preamble and first segment will be called “The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars”.

Also, the novel is targetted to take over the previous graphic series “Republic City from the Spirit World to find the place in disarray” in the spate of famous and popularity. DiMantino recently spoke on what we should expert from the Korra’s story which is yet to come.

Despite the fact that Korra’s graphic novel story is superd and a top-notch one, that doen’s give it the faith of convincing Netflix to pick the story and probably come up with more seasons of it.

Moreover, Bryke had officially moved on to newer projects since season 4, so probably, there’s a little chance of that happening.  More to that, The Legend of Korra season 5 isn’t happening, the story will definitely continue and its original co-creator is going to write it.

Having gone through this details and piece, do you still think that Michael will probably write more LGBT characters in their subsequent stories? And also, tell us how you want Korra’s story to continue. Share your few with us, thanks. Read More News at Storify News

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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