The Ton Prepares For More: Bridgerton Season 4


Is everyone binge watching “Bridgerton” like me? The obsession with Netflix’s highly anticipated show is so much that within a few days of Season 3, people are already asking and waiting for Bridgerton Season 4. While Whistledown has still not landed us much gossip for Season 4, whispers are traveling faster than a carriage ride down Bond Street, leaving fans eager for a glimpse into the next season. Since we all are so obsessed with heated love stories of the Mayfair, there are so many questions about Season 4 that we’ve been wondering about all day!

Will Kate and John return with their beautiful bonding this season, will Pen and Colin give us more moments to think about what makes our love stories so imperfect or will this season focus more on the new generation of the Bridgertons while exploring more about Benedict and Eloise! All we know is, whatever the plot might be in the Bridgertons season 4,  our gateway to the Regency era romance will offer us what we lack in our boring lives! 

Will We Have Bridgerton Season 4 Anytime Soon?

Oh yes! We will have Bridgertons Season 4 as it was announced in 2021, during the filming of the second season of the show, where we had our favorites, Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) and Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) about which, let’s be honest  was more of a masterclass in slow-burn tension that left viewers thirstier than a debutante at a dry ball and we’re more excited than ever!

Executive producer of Bridgertons, Shonda Rhimes is full of excitement to continue the heat and romance of the Bridgerton universe, which is practically a happy Whistletown gossip for all of us! I don’t know if we’ll have a new debutante, but we do wish to see the after marriage romance between Pen Colin and Kate Anthony! 

Bridgerton Season 3 Finale: What Does it Mean for the Future of the Ton?

The finale of Bridgerton Season 3 was a lot to anticipate for its regency era theme. What do you think will be the impact on the society of the regency era, where the Queen has allowed a lady to write! She has power! How will Penelope aka Whistledown deal with the responsibility of power she has? Will she pave the way for an open minded society with her clever questions and individuality or will the ton never accept her, for her past deeds and gossip that she wrote?

Penelope Featherington’s unmasking as Lady Whistledown throws a social grenade into the heart of the aristocracy, and all we know is this might play a big role in Bridgerton Season 4 where we may see how Penelope’s pen and her social commentary reshape the social landscape. 

Bridgerton Season 4: Are You Ready For Extra Drama?

Dearest Gentle Readers, for now, all we know is that we’ll have a great ride in the Bridgerton Season 4, for the Bridgerton universe has a lot to offer. We do not know what changes Pen will bring, but all that we know will be the taste of more scandals, suitors and obviously, the diamond of the season. Will we see new Benedict, as viewers are hoping that he explores the colors within himself with his amazing smile and sexy color palette.

All we need to do is manifest more of Kate and Anthony, Pen Colin in their nerdy love and Eloise, I do not want to ruin her single charm but we do want her too! So, let’s just get ready for another season of Bridgerton that’s sure to be more addictive than the heated romance between Pen and Colin. 

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Pooja Acharya
Pooja Acharya
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