Pete Buttigieg Suggests Change After Mass Shootings; Says “We cannot allow the Second Amendment to be a death sentence”


Following the deadly shootings in Texas, El Paso, Ohio, and Dayton this weekend, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a pretty clear view of where to put the blame at. The Democratic presidential hopeful pointed out weak gun safety measures and white nationalism as the main causes of these attacks.

In a conversation with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Pete specifically called it “white nationalist terrorism” by saying “This is terrorism and we have to name it as such. We need to acknowledge that this is a problem”.

He further said that, “Right now you see it being echoed by the White House and there is a measure of responsibility that you just can’t get away from”. He also cited Donald Trump‘s comment where he mentioned that there were very fine people on both sides after the deadly attacks in Charlottesville.

Trump condemned the El Paso shooting, calling it an act of cowardice. He said that, “The NRA no longer speaks for gun owners, it speaks for gun corporations”.

Although Pete didn’t suggest repealing the Second Amendment, he did indicate that it should not be used in a way that it prevents the government from protecting Americans. He said, “We cannot allow the Second Amendment to be a death sentence for thousands of Americans a year”.

Pete also talked about his lagging poll numbers saying that he knows he is far away from the finish line but his team is doing the work necessary to deliver the victory in early states. He also drew criticism from mass when his suggestion that the Supreme Court must be restructured came on the surface. Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg rejected the idea of increasing number of justices.


Pete agreed that adding more justices onto the court would be a bad idea, but he wants to depoliticize the court by having some justices elected by other justices. He said that the system is not working for the public.

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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Mike Brown is an News Editor at Storify News Times - Understand the Breaking News He is an India journalist lives in California, United States. He has worked at several news networks in his career. He specialises in reporting about editorial, advertising and general management topics for World News Publishing Focus, as well as contributing content to the website.

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