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Storify News Close New Accounts Registration, No Longer Accept New Users

The Storify News Times has making some changes in new accounts registration without making any announcement to the effect. It is sad news news for all news audience, but we have not decided any fix date till now that when we will be shutdown user’s registration accounts. It is still good news for all users, keep registration and contribute good news.

We have make this decision because of spam signups and duplicate content posting, grammatically issues in content, low quality, less words, irrelevant topics. These all are spam works and we dont want to increase spam score of our website in terms of google eye or even for audience.  The Storify News times want to share latest, unique and fresh news for our daily visitors.

Apart from free user registrations, We have decided to start user’s membership plan (Monthly, half yearly and Yearly) It will be paid under some circumferences. These plans will be for those who want to become permanent authors for Storify News. We believe in Quality Work and Latest news portal. We will paid to our premium authors if their content will engaged or become viral.

There are a lot of contributors who are not contributing news, stories, keep posting otherwise these will be changed from contributor to subscribed or might be their user accounts could be banned.

Out front end submission will be continue, so no worry about user’s registration account shut down. If you have still any type of queries regarding users account, posting, advertisements, ads display, sponsored post, you can drop us an email here We will definitely get back to you.

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