Who is Vivek Ramaswamy: The Rising Republican Presidential Candidate



Vivek Ramaswamy is an American author, entrepreneur, and political outsider who has gained attention as a rising star in the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination race. Born to Indian immigrants in Ohio, Ramaswamy made his fortune in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries before venturing into right-wing politics.

With his unorthodox policy proposals and charismatic persona, Ramaswamy has captured the imagination of conservatives across the United States. In this article, we will delve into Ramaswamy’s background, explore his policy positions, and examine his meteoric rise in the Republican Party.

Early Life and Career: Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy was born and raised in Ohio, the son of Indian immigrants. He achieved academic success, studying biology at Harvard University and earning a law degree from Yale Law School. Ramaswamy initially made a name for himself in the business world, amassing a fortune in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

However, it was his foray into right-wing politics that brought him into the national spotlight.

Woke, Inc. and Rise to Prominence

In 2021, Vivek Ramaswamy authored a book titled “Woke, Inc.” that criticized what he saw as the excessive focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies in business. This book catapulted Ramaswamy into the world of right-wing media, where he became a frequent guest on Fox News, espousing his views on identity politics and affirmative action.

His outspokenness on these issues resonated with conservatives who felt marginalized by what they saw as liberal overreach.

Unconventional Policy Proposals

Vivek Ramaswamy’s policy positions have garnered both praise and criticism. On the one hand, his emphasis on faith, family, and patriotism appeals to many conservatives who feel that these values are under attack in modern society. However, some of his proposals have been deemed impractical or outlandish by critics.

One example is Vivek Ramaswamy’s suggestion to raise the voting age from 18 to 25, contingent on passing a civics exam or fulfilling a national service requirement. While this idea may resonate with some who believe that young people should be more informed before voting, it would require a constitutional amendment and is unlikely to gain widespread support.

Another controversial proposal from Vivek Ramaswamy is the elimination of the Department of Education and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While these ideas may appeal to small-government conservatives, the practicality of dismantling these agencies and redistributing their functions to other entities is questionable.

Perhaps the most contentious aspect of Ramaswamy’s platform is his stance on climate change. He has been a vocal critic of the mainstream consensus on the issue, referring to the climate change agenda as a “hoax.” This position has drawn criticism from environmentalists and scientists who argue that the evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming.

The Republican Nomination Race

Despite his rising popularity, Ramaswamy remains far behind former President Donald Trump in the Republican nomination race, according to recent polls. However, his presence in the race highlights the party’s willingness to embrace candidates with unconventional ideas and no previous political experience.

Ramaswamy’s rise in the polls can be attributed to his appeal as an outsider who promises to shake up the political establishment. Many Americans, especially Republicans, are drawn to the idea of a successful businessperson taking on Washington’s perceived flaws. Additionally, Ramaswamy’s youth and energy have resonated with voters who are looking for a fresh face to represent their values.

Foreign Policy Stance

One area where Ramaswamy has taken a controversial stance is foreign policy, particularly in relation to Ukraine. During a debate, he stated that he would not send more funds to Ukraine if elected president, arguing that the US should focus on protecting its own southern border instead.

This position diverges from the bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine and has drawn criticism from those who see it as favoring Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Criticisms and Challenges

While Ramaswamy has gained a significant following, he has also faced criticism for his policy proposals and perceived lack of understanding of how the government works. Critics argue that many of his ideas are impractical or outside the powers of the presidency. Furthermore, his denial of climate change has drawn condemnation from environmentalists and scientists.

Ramaswamy also faces the challenge of competing against more established candidates like Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Despite his fundraising efforts, which have been relatively successful, he still lags behind in terms of financial resources and name recognition.


Vivek Ramaswamy’s rise as a Republican presidential candidate has captivated the attention of conservatives across the United States. His outsider status, unorthodox policy proposals, and charismatic persona have endeared him to many Republicans who feel alienated by the political establishment.

However, his path to the nomination remains steep, with formidable opponents and challenges ahead. As the 2024 presidential election season unfolds, it will be fascinating to see how Ramaswamy’s candidacy evolves and whether he can maintain his momentum in the race for the White House.

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