Israeli Official Blasts Kamala Harris’ Criticism of Judicial Reform


An Israeli official on Tuesday blasted Vice President Kamala Harris‘ criticism of the country’s judicial reform, saying she could not name a single provision in the bill.

“I challenge the vice president to name one provision in the bill that she finds objectionable,” said Yoav Gallant, Israel’s ambassador to the United States. “She cannot, because there is none.”

Harris on Monday criticized the bill, which would increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court from nine to 13, saying it would “undermine the independence of the judiciary.”

But Gallant said the bill would actually strengthen the judiciary by making it more diverse and representative of the Israeli population.

“The bill is about ensuring that the judiciary is fair and just for all Israelis,” he said. “It is about ensuring that the judiciary is not beholden to any one political party or interest group.”

The bill has been met with strong opposition from the Israeli right, which has accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of trying to pack the court with his own appointees.

But Gallant said the bill has the support of a majority of Israelis, including many on the right.

“The bill is supported by the vast majority of Israelis,” he said. “It is a fair and just bill that will strengthen the judiciary and make Israel a better country for all.”

The bill is currently being debated in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. It is unclear when it will be voted on.

In the meantime, the debate over the bill has highlighted the deep divisions in Israeli society.

The right-wing opposition has accused Netanyahu of trying to pack the court with his own appointees, while the left-wing has accused the right of trying to undermine the independence of the judiciary.

The bill is a test of Netanyahu’s political strength. If he is able to pass the bill, it will be seen as a major victory. But if he is defeated, it will be seen as a major setback.

The outcome of the debate will have a significant impact on Israeli politics for years to come.

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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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