Top 10 EBook Torrent Sites 2019 to Download Free Ebooks


Top 10 EBook Torrent Sites 2019 to Download Free Ebooks : Books are man’s best friend, they say. Holding one in the hand makes an individual oblivious to the world. For the real bookaholics, books are not just many pages wrapped in a paperback. It is much more than that. It is their escape from the problems around, the reality they wish were true, the characters they love to have in real life, and whatnot. Real bookaholics experience different lives as he skates his way through the book, truly. And to quote George R. R. Martin, “A man who read books live a hundred lives. While a man who doesn’t, live one”.

Ebook Torrenting Sites 2019

However, with technology advancing every minute and the rapid rise of digital media, these handheld pieces of art are now converting to what we call eBooks. It has its own advantage as well as some downsides if you look. With the pros being that you no need to carry additional weight with you (the book), the cons include you missing the feel when you used to hold a book in your hand. Although many people still prefer the old-fashioned way and like to get their hands on the paperback, there are many who have shifted their interest to the easily manageable versions, eBooks. These are pretty handy and are easily downloadable from a number of different sources. But, if you struggle to find the best eBook torrent site, we are here to help!

Here are the 10 best eBook torrent sites-

Top 10 E-Book Torrent Sites 2019

1. The Pirate Bay

It is one of the best torrent sites in the world, and as their saying goes, The Pirate Bay is “the Galaxy’s most resilient Bit Torrent site”. What started in April 2009 has now become a powerful website even after suffering from many restrictions. Many countries have tried banning the website, but since Pirate Bay uses several proxy sites running simultaneously, no country can ban it until they ban torrent in whole. On this website, you will find a plethora of books ranging from arts, commerce, science, literature, and everything you can imagine. Number one site for a reason.

2. Kick Ass torrents

It is a directory providing magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing utilizing rules and protocols of Bit Torrent via software like uTorrent, etc. Started in 2008, the website eventually became one of the most visited torrent websites in 2014. Also, registration on this website is not mandatory. You can use the torrent services as a guest as well. However, the website couldn’t run consistently and was stopped at some point. It was December 2016 that few members of the Kick ass torrents revived the website and till now it has been running smoothly. You can find some great on this website and with quite a confidence I could say, you will find eBooks as well.

3. 1337X Book Torrents Site

Just like Kick ass torrents, 1337X Book Torrents Site is another peer to peer torrent website that runs on the set rules and protocols of Bit Torrent. It follows the set of commands as imposed by the Bit Torrent. For eBook lovers, this website is no less than heaven on the Earth. Not just the books you are looking for, but you will find sample copies, old edition, new edition, blueprints, new releases, and much more. All this at a very easy way on this website.

4. Torrentz

Yet another peer to peer file sharing protocol website under the hood. Torrentz follows the Bit Torrent set of commands and rules via software like uTorrent, Bit Torrent, etc. The website is being used expansively for eBook lovers from around the globe. However, the website does lag somewhere and as a user, it feels a bit irritating. The interface of the website is not that good and is filled with monotonous ads running simultaneously. Apart from this, Torrentz is still one of the fastest torrent websites out there.

5. Torrent Hounds

I believe we will have our list filled with peer to peer file sharing protocol websites. Torrent Hounds is yet another site following the same protocol and commands of Bit Torrent. However, the book-savvy in you would be amazed to see the array of books available on this website. Ranging from sci-fi, the lists goes on to non-fictional novels, thrillers, action, adventure, and much more. All this content is available digitally in the form of eBook on the website.

6. Free Book Spot: Book Torrents Site

Being one of the most popular websites for downloading and reading eBooks, Free Book Spot provides a platform to not only read novels but also comics, newsletters, magazines, and much more from this website. Not only restricted to reading, the website even provides a platform for the budding writers to share their eBook and receive feedback on their work.

7. Torrent Download

Initially started as yet another torrent site having just the movies and some other web series, Torrent Download was not as famous as it is now. With time, the website started including games, eBooks, and documentaries at their user’s service. And as the users deemed it necessary, the website soon became a popular torrent site.


The website was started with a loose coalition of people and the current volunteers hold no strings attached with the former people. The website is similar to the others here and is a great place for eBook lovers.


Providing peer to peer connection through magnet links via the Bit Torrent platform, RARBG was founded in 2008 and has been successful in maintaining its threshold ever since. The website hosts some great eBooks which makes it an essential player in the field of eBook torrent sites.

10. Extra Torrents: Book Torrent Site

A very helpful website that may come handy. Extra Torrents not only have their collections in the movies, animations, TV series categories but also includes a vast library of eBooks that you may wish to explore.

So this was it! The 10 best websites for eBook torrents. However, although using these websites insights fun, it is equally risky. Use these sites with extra caution, depending upon the laws in your country.

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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